Office 365 Fiddler Extension

Exchange Online Fiddler Extension

Where did the Exchange Online Fiddler Extension go?

Lots of people are using the Exchange Online version of the extension. While that is great, the name of the extension has changed to better encourage broader use of the extension.

Everyone can still use the new extension to troubleshoot Exchange Online. It can however also be used to troubleshoot other Office 365 client applications.

Office 365 Fiddler Extension

From version 1.0.70 the extension is now known as the Office 365 Fiddler Extension.

Where to Download?

Download the new version of the extension here.

Updates and improvements

A lot of the logic and processing within the extension is as useful to all Office 365 client applications and services, just as it is useful to Outlook and Exchange Online. With this in mind we can reach a much bigger audience with the new name.

You will also notice changes such as:

  • The layout of the inspector tab.
  • How the menu is laid out.
  • Many improvements over previous versions.

The old extension name implies we are focused on one service within Office 365, which is not really the case.

Hopefully this change does not cause too much confusion. Anyone using version 0.63 of the extension can seamlessly upgrade to the new version which is called the Office 365 Fiddler Extension.

You will still be able to troubleshoot Exchange Online issues the same as before. From a design perspective, we are expanding our scope to include any and all Office 365 client applications. This should mean a better overall experience and a more useful tool for troubleshooting.

Happy troubleshooting and web debugging!