Office 365 Fiddler Extension Release Notes

v1.0.70 Release Notes

 Expanded v1.0.70 release notes.

Anyone familiar with the Exchange Online Fiddler Extension, up to version 1.0.63, is used to the extension working a certain way.

From this release going forward the extension is now known as the Office 365 Fiddler Extension.

If you just looking for the download link, click here.

Release date: To Be Determined, though planned for end of April / beginning of May 2019.

Here is a list of the things you need to know in the new release to make your transition easier.

Naming the Extension

  • First and foremost, the ‘Exchange Online Fiddler Extension’ is now known as the ‘Office 365 Fiddler Extension’.
    • Though the extension has grown out of the Exchange Online team, the extension is just as useful for any Office 365 client application troubleshooting.
  • The ‘Exchange Online’ inspector tab has been renamed to ‘Office 365’.
  • The menu has also been renamed to ‘Office 365’.

Turn on/off the extension

  • The menu name will change depending on whether the extension is enabled or disabled.
  • The columns on/off functionality has been removed to simplify the code set.
    • The same actions can be performed with native Fiddler controls.
  • The extension can now be enabled / disabled within the same Fiddler session.
    • You can now disable the extension logic checking without the need to close out Fiddler and relaunch.

Extension Enabled

Office 365 Fiddler Extension Menu Enabled

Extension Disabled

Menu Disabled
Inspector Disabled

Extension elements renamed

  • The ‘Office365 Auth’ inspector tab content has been collapsed into the newly renamed ‘Office 365’ inspector tab.
  • The ‘Office 365’ inspector tab has been converted to a text based control.
    • This allows dynamic insertion of data depending on the session type.
    • GUI controls took up too much screen real estate.
    • Typically the content was being copied to a text file anyway.

  • The ‘Exchange Type’ column has been renamed to ‘Session Type’.

Office 365 Fiddler Extension Inspector Enabled

Update Notifications

  • As updates are available, notifications on the updates are displayed at the top of the ‘Office 365’ inspector tab.

Anything Else

  • Additional session timers have been added.
  • Session logic rule set updates.